Working Woman Wednesday: Is it Fall, or Winter?!

I’m so glad that cooler weather is here to stay, but now it feels like winter instead of fall in D.C. I walked out the door this morning and immediately wanted to crawl back in bed, it’s so cold! However, as a working woman, I still have a life to get on with and bills… Continue reading Working Woman Wednesday: Is it Fall, or Winter?!


The Weekend Edit: Casual Fall Style

Weekends are always so busy for me. Whether I’m going out with friends, running errands, or doing solo shopping excursions, I’m constantly on the go. This past weekend was no exception, with a little bit of everything sprinkled into my daily routine. Generally I like to be as comfortable as possible on weekends (unless I’m… Continue reading The Weekend Edit: Casual Fall Style

Working Woman Wednesday: How to Transition to Fall when it’s 90 Degrees Outside

Just when I thought fall was here to stay, summer comes creeping back like a persistent ex-boyfriend. *eyeroll* I love summer just as much as the next girl; after all, it’s birthday season, naked season, vacation season, all good things wrapped up in one sweltering package. However, it’s super difficult to slay with my fall… Continue reading Working Woman Wednesday: How to Transition to Fall when it’s 90 Degrees Outside

Working Woman Wednesday: Office Staples

From the hundreds of blog and Instagram photos I see every day, it’s rare to truly capture a woman in her day to day looks. I love getting glammed up for social media, but I have a real life too! Between working full time, going to school, and running my YouTube channel, I’m very often… Continue reading Working Woman Wednesday: Office Staples

Bralettes for Big Boobies: Who Knew??

Fall has finally arrived in Washington, D.C., and with the new season comes new pieces for my closet! I generally don’t do a ton of shopping for fall and winter items (because I already have way too many), but I always like to pick up a few new things every year. Fall is my favorite… Continue reading Bralettes for Big Boobies: Who Knew??