Bralettes for Big Boobies: Who Knew??

Fall has finally arrived in Washington, D.C., and with the new season comes new pieces for my closet! I generally don’t do a ton of shopping for fall and winter items (because I already have way too many), but I always like to pick up a few new things every year. Fall is my favorite season for trying new styles, new colors, and new flavors.

I was browsing downtown one day after work and came across this velvet bralette at Forever21. Now I love this whole bralette trend as much as the next girl, but bralettes are clearly for the ladies with little or no boobies, right? I have double Ds. DOUBLE. Ds. There’s just no way I could possibly finesse this trend and slay like everyone else. My girls need love, support, and full coverage. However, I bought the bralette on a whim (for only $10, you can’t beat it!), and decided to try something new.

I went to another blogger’s launch party this past weekend (shout out to My Style Authority for a great time!), and decided to style the bralette for that event. My inspiration came from the super sleek and chic black pantsuits we see on red carpets everywhere, and I wanted to make the bralette my pop of color. I pulled the blazer straight from my closet, it’s an old Forever21 basic piece I’ve had for years (I’ve linked a similar look below). My black skinnies are from Fashion Nova, the strawberry statement belt is thrifted, and I don’t quite remember where my black pumps are from, sorry!

As for the bralette? It’s full coverage, it’s comfortable, and it’s cute! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had no nip slips, side boob action, nothing whatsoever the whole night. I did get a size up to accommodate for my girls (a medium), and it makes such a difference in ensuring my security. My chest has always been a point of concern for me, in that I thought I couldn’t rock a lot of the looks women with smaller chests wear. Now I feel empowered and confident that I can be more adventurous with my style. For my other ladies with similar concerns, don’t be shy. Go for it! Taking risks sometimes has amazing payoffs.

Check out the links for everything below!

Velvet Bralette (similar look)
Simple Black Blazer (similar look)
Black Skinny Jeans
Black Patent Pumps (similar look)


  1. E. Jones

    I love the whole look, especially the color of the bralette. I’m part of the small committee (LOL) but I am happy to hear that you found one that worked for you because you rocked it.


    1. naturallykam

      Thank you! I definitely felt comfortable, my boobs weren’t sagging drastically or anything. With bralettes there isn’t a lot of support though, there’s no wire or padding or anything to lift you up. for triple D, there would definitely be some sag (natural boobs do that anyway), but it depends on your comfort and personal preference honestly. I’ve worn regular bras under sports bras before just to still have the lift and not be jiggling everywhere. Up to you.


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