Working Woman Wednesday: Is it Fall, or Winter?!

I’m so glad that cooler weather is here to stay, but now it feels like winter instead of fall in D.C. I walked out the door this morning and immediately wanted to crawl back in bed, it’s so cold! However, as a working woman, I still have a life to get on with and bills to pay, as do so many other women in the city and the world. This Working Woman Wednesday, I will show how I combat the cold while still looking professional and chic. (Please forgive the obscurity of some photos, my usual photographer was unavailable when I got off work, and I had to get creative.)


As stated in previous posts, I live for basic, versatile pieces. This is another crop turtleneck from Forever21, and I love the variety of colors it comes in. I get so many styling questions about how I put my looks together, and I can’t say it loud enough, *insert shouting emoji* BASICS BASICS BASICS! Buy a bunch of simple affordable pieces, and then add more expensive or statement pieces to accent your look.

Speaking of basic pieces, my skirt is from Rainbow. RAINBOW. Before anybody tries to throw shade, don’t sleep on Rainbow. I’ve found some amazing pieces there that I’ve had for years, you just have to know what you’re looking for. I purchased this skirt a few years ago for about $10, but I will link a similar look below. I wore skin-tone stockings underneath to help keep my legs warm (fun fact: I hate wearing slacks! I have a really cute booty, and slacks make me look like a pancake. Pencil skirts allow me to show it off while still being work appropriate.)

My grey overcoat is from Zara. I love this coat because it’s a lightweight wool, so it’s the perfect layering piece for mid to late fall. I bought this coat to have as a nice dress coat for when I go on nicer outings, dates, and for work (and also because I had been wearing the same winter coat for the last 6 years). The pockets are large and deep, so I can comfortably fit my iPhone inside while I’m walking to and from the Metro (our rail system here in D.C.). I purchased this coat at the end of last winter, so I’m not sure it’s still being sold. I will link a similar look below.

I purchased these black faux leather boots from Target a few years ago, and they’ve held up so well! I love wearing them with sweater dresses and skirts for the fall and winter, because they are so versatile and comfortable. I will leave a similar link below. This bag is another H&M classic. It comes in so many colors, and it’s very affordable for the working woman. I realized as I’m typing this that I did not get a photo of my watch! I never leave the house without one, and the one I wore for this look is a gorgeous silver chronograph from Fossil. I love big faced, men’s style watches for their timeless style, and they make my tiny wrists look like money. I will link a similar look below, the watch was a gift and I do not know the exact one that was purchased for me.

I hope this post and my Working Woman Wednesday styles inspire you to walk with confidence, and slay without restraint in the workplace and the world. Happy shopping, lovelies!

Check out the links for everything below!

Forever21 Crop Turtleneck
Houndstooth Pencil Skirt (similar look)
Zara Grey Overcoat (similar look)
Black Faux Leather Boots (similar look)
H&M Structured Work Tote
Fossil Silver Chronograph Watch (similar look)


  1. Keri Kavali

    Target is amazing. they really have some great quality items.
    I’m hearing alot about Zara now a days so I might want to check them out after you said your coat was from there.
    You have winter weather already?!
    That means soon it will be cold in Florida. Right now I’m loving the low humidity and breeze in the air. This year I’ve decided to embrace winter weather as every year before I’ve feared the cold, lol.


  2. niasimone

    Girl, I feel the same way about Rainbow! It really has an awful reputation (and, you can find some interesting looking clothing in there LOL) but you can find a lot of diamonds in the rough. They’re super cheap; and they definitely shouldn’t be counted out when it comes to clothing!


  3. Dae

    Those boots are super gorgeous. Right now Pittsburgh mornings are freezing and afternoons are like seventy degrees. It’s tricky trying to dress for both. I am not looking forward to winter.


  4. Star Lengas

    You know what, I’m gonna not shade Rainbow and go give it a look over. You’re right, you never know what you can find, and I’m always in need of some basics. I also loveee those boots lady! Perfect for Autumn.


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