Last-Minute Deer/Bambi-Inspired Halloween Look

Jack o’lanterns, candy, all the great costumes…Halloween is finally upon us! I love Halloween because I love to get in character and wear costumes every year. While my official look is yet to come (stay tuned for that, Halloween is tomorrow!), I still needed something quick and easy to wear out to the bars in DC for Halloweekend. I see a lot of deer around where I live, so I felt inspired to turn into one for Saturday night. See how I did it here:

Last Minute Halloween Deer Makeup!


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  1. klaugen says:

    It’s a good idea for last minute costume. Looks like the deer make-up is really trendy this year! 🙂


  2. Ooooh this is super nice! I just tried my hand at a few Halloween looks too, would love if you’d check it out! 🙂


  3. This is beautifully done, I love it!


    1. naturallykam says:

      Thank you so much!


  4. dfrenchn says:

    This is super Cute!! Its great that you literally only have to use whatever makeup you have on hand!


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