Working Woman Wednesday: Staying Warm as Fall turns into Winter

It’s been super cold today here in D.C., and the most important thing for me to do is stay warm. I take the Metro to and from work every day, and I also do a lot of walking between the station and my car. Keeping that in mind, I managed to dress simply, warmly and fashionably, all on a budget.

My basic black sweater is from a local boutique that has since gone out of business. I also have this sweater in a creamy white, and I love it because it has the perfect thickness for layering, without making me too hot. Like most of my basic pieces, this sweater can be dressed up or down. I will link a similar look below.


This green A-line skirt is the star of the show. I purchased it from Shein a few years ago now, and I love it as a fall/winter piece because it is significantly thicker than a lot of my other skirts. Its long length makes it ideal for blocking out the wind and cold, and just gives me a vintage vibe overall (I love vintage!). As stated in earlier posts, A-line skirts are perfect for the workplace because of their versatility, appropriate coverage, and timeless style.

My shoes are from Payless, and I bought them years ago. These shoes have been my staple black flat for work for as long as I can remember, and I love them because they are comfortable for being cheap shoes, and have lasted way beyond my expectations for them. I will leave a similar look below.


Now, on to accessories. My watch is an oldie but goodie from Charming Charlie. I generally prefer to wear men’s style watches (chronograph, large face, etc.); however, some outfits require something a bit more dainty. I’m not sure that this watch is still being sold, but I will link a similar look below if not.

Speaking of dainty things, my brand new bracelet* is from the F/W17 Midori Linea collection (@midorilinea on Instagram). I’ve been wearing this piece for a few days now, and I have to say I absolutely love it! It’s simple, elegant, and can be worn with pretty much any outfit I style. I’ve received several compliments and I’m quite pleased. Look out for the relaunch of their website on November 16! A portion of the proceeds from the relaunch will go to those affected by the natural disasters in Puerto Rico.

I hope everyone has been able to be productive in this super chilly weather. I’ve taken it in stride; I even managed to have a really nice day despite the cold (stay tuned for an upcoming post!). Stay warm, lovelies!

Check out the links for everything below!

Basic Black Sweater (similar look)

Green A-Line Skirt (currently sold out)

(Similar look for Skirt)

Black Flats (similar look)

Dainty Gold Watch (similar look)

Midori Linea Celeste Bracelet *sponsored item



  1. Dae

    Whoa! I’m really gonna have to stop sleeping on SheIn. That skirt is gorgeous. Yes, this east coast cold is brutal but I’m way too east coast to move (I tried). I love your style.


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