2017 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: The Couch Potato

Welcome back lovelies! Continuing with my gift guide series, today we will talk about that one friend you always have to drag out of the house. This lady loves to sit back, relax, and just chill in her spare time. Here are a few gifts that are perfect for that couch potato in your life!

While I’m not the best couch potato, I do enjoy having self-love days when I’m in the house with nothing to do. One of the best things to do during down time is pampering yourself. Lush Cosmetics is especially great at creating products that allow for maximum self-indulgence, and this bath bomb is a new favorite. It’s called Cheer Up Buttercup, and it smells luxurious and amazing. It’s essentially an explosion of citrus in your bathtub, and I love it! I bought a few for my mom recently and she loves it, too. These bath bombs are super inexpensive, so buy some for yourself too!


Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb

After a nice bath, it’s important to put on something warm and comfy. Instead of the standard ratty T-shirt and sweats (which I’m guilty of), buy your couch potato some nice pajamas! I had a satin pair once upon a time, and I absolutely loved them. Satin has a nice way of making you feel like money, without being terribly expensive (i.e. if you were to buy silk PJs instead). Flannel is also a great pick for the season, as it’s very warm. Victoria’s Secret always has the best pajama sets and separates, check these out!

The Flannel PJ SetThe After Hours Satin Pajama Set

I’ve found that candles can be very soothing when having a self-love day, especially with a glass of wine. They’re a great way to set the mood, an easy way to relax, and they smell good! I purchased some from Yankee Candle at the beginning of the season that I have found to be very refreshing. Catching Rays is a wonderfully light scent that isn’t too overpowering when burned. Yankee Candle has a scent for everyone, so there are plenty of options to choose from for your couch potato!


Catching Rays Candle

Speaking of wine, you can’t go wrong with getting your girl her favorite bottle of wine! Add some wine glasses to make it fancy, a bottle opener for those hard-to-budge corks (unless she drinks screw top, no judgment here!), and call it a day. My personal favorite is Stella Peach by Stella Rosa, it tastes just as if you’re biting into a fresh peach! (sidebar, isn’t it Wine Wednesday? Someone be generous and buy me some! Lol)


Stella Peach Moscato

Stay tuned for part 4 of the series, coming soon!

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  1. Rita Olds

    GIRL! I am the couch potato/introvert and these gifts speak to my heart. Nothing like some wine in my PJs binging on Netflix. Love this list sharing this with my hubby so he don’t have to wonder what I want for Christmas LOL


  2. E. Jones

    These gifts are made for me since I am a big introvert. I need to try Lush because I am always hearing great things about them (never tried them before). Great list and I will have to pick up that bottle of wine after work today, LOL


  3. beatsbykd

    These are great ideas. I love a good bath bomb. I am looking into to trying shower bombs because I shower more ofthen than I run a bath. I have a bone to pick with Victoria’s Secret because they stopped selling XLs in the pink line. My cousin in 9th grade was hurt to learn that they would no longer carry her size. Very disheartening.


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