NaturallyKam Takes NYFW: The Shows

It’s a well-known fact that New York Fashion Week is the premier destination for high fashion. Bloggers, designers, models and enthusiasts alike flock to the city for several days of runway shows, presentations, pop ups, and more. I was blessed with press access for a few shows at NYFW this past weekend, and the overall experience was amazing! Here’s a recap of what went down.


On Friday night, I attended the Magical Galaxy collection presentation for Midori Linea. The venue was set at the beautiful W New York-Downtown Hotel, on the top floor. I was interested in going because I love how dainty and chic this designer’s pieces are (and I did a campaign for her brand near the end of 2017), so this show was right up my alley. Complimentary wine was served, and Sakura, the designer, was personally giving styling advice for potential buyers. The event turned out to be a good networking opportunity, as I met and exchanged business cards with other makeup artists and bloggers at the event. I even got a photo with the designer herself!

Saturday was a super busy day. I was unable to get into the original show I was invited to (through circumstances out of my control), but I did score a front row seat for another presentation at the same venue later that day. This show was put on by the Fashion Gallery NYFW at the Stewart Hotel, and introduced me to gorgeous pieces from designers that were new to me. I especially loved the designs by Keminevar, as they gave serious Queen of the Damned teas with the elaborate headdresses for each model. I could also reference Beyonce’s 2017 Grammy’s performance, but I’m trying to be different. *Kanye shrug*

One of the designs by Keminevar. So gorgeous!
Beautiful brocade gown by Entre Vous.
This dress by Finally by Kyra was to die for!

The weekend festivities concluded with the WALK Fashion Show, held at the Church of the Holy Apostles on Saturday evening. Admittedly, it was a bit hard to see and get decent photos (also, there was a shortage in seating), but I did get a few of my favorites. The designs were really chic collectively, and I loved that this show had more avant-garde themed pieces from different designers. There were so many clothes and designers, I couldn’t keep track of all the names! The runway was super long (due to it being the church main aisle), so more models could fit on the runway at once, providing more opportunities for photos (if you had a good spot). The show itself was very good, and I am thankful to have been allowed in.

This was a LOOK. Designed by S&M Custom Design.
I instantly thought of Aladdin when I saw this look come down the runway! It was beautiful. By S&M Custom Design.
I’m so in love with this look by Alora Zakar!

For my first experience at NYFW, the weekend collectively was a success. I will definitely try to incorporate more of a variety in picking shows for next fashion week, so that I can provide different kinds of content (possibly the men’s portion!). I gained invaluable knowledge, experience, and made beneficial connections that will hopefully help in the future. Until next time, New York! It’s been real.


  1. helloajah

    Wow! Reading this makes me nostalgic for New York. As a past fashion student I dreamed(still do) of either attending fashion week or partaking in it. Call me Beyoncé bias but I’m loving the red dress & head piece! I’m sure that could be where the designer gained a bit of inspo no?


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